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Our Team

Danielle Hodges

Certified Professional Dog Trainer Danielle Hodges

Like most in my Industry, I've been a dog lover as long as I can remember. After a long stint working overseas I came home with a new sense of purpose: I knew I had to work with dogs.

Jon Fowles

Certified Professional Dog Trainer Jon Fowles

I, along with my business partner Danielle, created Follow the Leader Inc. Dog Training School seven years ago. At the time there were a number of dog schools in Toronto but few were focused on training dogs using solely positive reinforcement.

Allie Lum

Professional Dog Trainer Allie Lum

After taking classes with her own rambunctious rescue dog and being amazed with the results, she decided to learn as much about behaviour as possible through seminars, research, and all the books she could get her hands on.

Barbara Neray

Professional Dog Trainer Barbara Neray

Barbara Neray has been a professional dog walker since 1994 — long before it became fashionable. She has a magical connection to a dog’s heart and an uncanny ability to bond with dogs anywhere.

Dog and baby safety education


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